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Looking for friends, not a guild

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Hiya! Recently started a guild for people who I play with/are from my stream. We are a pretty casual bunch, very relaxed and lowkey. Mostly just building our guild hall, doing events, and general questing together. We do mostly PvE though a few of us do some WvW. I myself am a pretty new player so I'm just looking for friends to have involved! 😄 We have a small discord here: https://discord.gg/xDaCeCKU and I can send you a guild invite if you'd like, just let me know!

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hi, normally a guild will do this (have people who can play with you when you mention in gchat or whisper, what you want to play).


In a smaller guild, it's more likely everyone will know everyone but there may be limited times of day when the guildies are more likely to be online.

In a bigger guild you'll still be able to make friends of course but less likely to know literally everyone. There will  probably be more expanded times of day that guildies are online. More people online might mean more people who might want to play the same thing you want to play, at the time you can/want to play. 

Of course since you have 5 guild slots, you can try out more than one at a time, or stack some smaller guilds who play at different times of day when you're likely to be online. 

If big guild sounds like it could be your thing, you might like a very big guild (i.e. the one I'm in lol). There are other people in the guild who like to code, who handcraft things, etc. 


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