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I know you guys are not fan service but if you ever have a plan to rework virtuoso, it would be cool for one of F skills to be hard- hitting meele ability, with animation similar to vindicator dodge or specter ult( those look so good with that drop from above) . I dont know how many people like melee but i am a big fan of melee gameplay, tho i like to mix things up.

Its just an idea. Have a nice time! 

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I would scrap all the current f-skills and make them explode at your enemy's location, so they no longer have to fly to your enemy. Or even better, make them ground-targeted. Too many reflections in this game cripple virtuoso's dps (have you ever blinded and confused yourself on those enemies in the Jade Maw Fractal? or in WvW you get shut down by projectile reflection.)

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