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How I would fix Bladesworn (PvP)


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Goals: Remove some of the bloated healing of BS. Increase reliance on active defense. Give ways to cover dragon trigger. Make Dragon trigger more rewarding. Provide bruiser, support, and dps options.



  1. Heal
    1. Combat Stimulant: CD increased to 30 seconds.
  2. Utilities
    1. Flow Stabilizer: Grants 1 stack of stab for 3 seconds.
    2. Overcharged Cartridges: Detonating does not use up an ammo stack.
    3. Electric Fence: Rename to Electric cage. Becomes a circle aoe. Blocks Projectiles and immobs for 2 seconds on the first pules then pulses 2 sec cripple.
  3. Elite
    1. Tactical Reload: No longer recharges heal skill.
  4. Gunsaber
    1. Auto: Generally fine, but some aftercast could be removed.
    2. Blooming Fire: Reduced cast time to 1/2 second. Is now an evade. Increase coefficient to 1 for the initial hit. It no longer shoots an explosive shell. Instead, each foe hit has three sticky grenades attached to them that go off each 1/4 sec after the hit. Increase cd to 15.
    3. Artillery Slash: Cast time reduced to 1/2 second. Increase velocity by 100%. Increase coefficient to .9
    4. Breakstep: Does damage where you land as well.
  5. Dragontrigger
    1. Dragon Slash Force: Change coefficient to .7 to 1.6
    2. Dragon Slash Force: Change coefficient to .6 to 1.3
    3. Dragon Slash Reach: Change coefficient to .5 to 1.1
    4. Trigger Guard: Lower Cooldown to 30 Seconds. Give 2 seconds of stab.
    5. Flickerstep: Increase range to 450.
  6. Pistol:
    1. Dragon's Roar: Speed up detonation speed by 50%.
  7. Traits:
    1. Swift as the Wind: Remove the icd for swiftness gain only, not flow gain.
    2. Unseen Sword: Remove on hit requirement. Increase coefficient to .5.
    3. Dragonscale Defense: Remove ICD. Change prot duration to 2 seconds.
    4. Fierce as Fire: Gaining a new stack refreshes duration. Explosions grant 3 seconds of fury. 5 sec icd.
    5. Lush Forest: Using an ammo skill heals you and your allies in a 600 radius for X (obviously less than unshakable mountain). Guns and Glory grants healing power as well as ferocity.
    6. Immortal Dragon: Pulse protection, regen, and resolution aoe when you convert flow into charge. Heal allies around you when you cast dragon trigger.
    7. Unyielding Dragon: Dragon trigger is now unblockable and unblindable baseline. Unyielding Dragon now grants 3 seconds of fury when you cast dt and pulsing might is aoe and the duration is increased to 7.5 seconds.
    8. Daring Dragon: Dragon trigger now has a 6 second cooldown. Dragon trigger charges twice as fast. Maximum charge is 5.
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