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Soooo, since we're getting allied player visual-effect filtering, can we get our magical VFX back?

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Hiii everybody.


So, as the title states, seeing as we'll be getting the allied player visual-effect filtering in the near future, I'd like to see Ele's VFX be bumped back up to before they were nerfed (or even make them more powerful).

My Overload Air is missing its Storm factor to make it feel powerful.


Also, Caro approves of this (guildie approved :3).


For example, here are how some spells looked like when Tempest was first revealed, before the visual nerf: 


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100% Yes. I'd love to see the overload water bubble being fixed, since Dx11 it's barely visable and they have to change the god kitten shatterstone (scepter water 2) soundeffects. They go on for over 3 seconds while the visual effects are done in 1s. That overload air with the cloud above looks especially good.

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