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Thief porting in closed tower/keep


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1 hour ago, Polar.8634 said:

Hey, when teleports with sword skills and other bugs will be fixed?


This issue has been reported since day 1 with 11 continuous years to back it up..


Anet even equipped this class more ways to escape fights on top of Exploitable stealth mechanic 


Let me ask you a question, if Anet clearly ha more than enough of evidences from the Community including their own affiliated streamers of this activity...


Why would they still go ahead of equipping Thief Profession with more additional way to exploit, with Mesmer Profession - Portal?


Seriously, think about it


That is your answer 



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8 hours ago, Chaba.5410 said:

Just disable the capture ring for attackers. Most cost effective solution.

Nah man you are not thinking big enough.

Add 30 more capture circles inside objectives (with their own lords) that reset 3s after someone leave the circle.

This easily restrict these kind of thieves because they have few friends, let alone 29 of them.

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On 5/11/2023 at 3:28 PM, TheIceman.1039 said:

The easiest way to fix it is - remove thief from wvw.

Anet knowingly allowed Thief Profession to break the game design and its mechanic using Stealth Mechanic and Portal. Anet  knowingly contributed and allowed Thief Profession to creating a Toxic experience for the Community for 11 years.

Showed no Compassion, Empathy for the Community concerns and toward their experiences yet  chose to still continued in rewarding Thief Profession 

-Knowing Thief Profession was exploiting, abusing and ruing the Community experience yet still chose to reward it with Mesmer - Portal and Necromancer Profession - Spectral.....is Unforgivable!!-

Throne of Liberty, Pax Dei, Night Crows, Chrono Odyssey will be my "escape fix",  if Thief Profession are not seriously dealt with  in June patch alongside with 11 Years Bad Design Broken Stealth Mechanic, one shot, pulling, stun, daze, entangle, clones, Profession Roles, Profession Identity, Power Creep

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