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Anet - bunker style builds are out of control

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I love guild wars 1 and 2, love the story and usually enjoy the pvp and wvw.  But lately bunkers style builds are dominating pvp and it's way past being a problem.  Maybe it's because some damage is over the top (reaper, mechanist, chrono, etc) that elementalist, warrior, and guardian builds have evolved into soaking damage so much that its almost impossible for dps only builds to compete.   I have seen too many spellbreakers and weavers who can own a node indefinitely against 1, 2 or maybe 3 other classes.  Now I've played weaver before, in the beginning our damage was OP'd - but now its been turned into a bunker with so many defensive abilities, it's not even a caster that I recognize. 


Please for the love of the game - find some way to retune these 27 classes that it returns to a game of skill and not a game who has the most defensive abilities or who can mash the most buttons.

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