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[NA] LF WvW Guild

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Hello! I am a long time GW2 player searching for an active WvW guild to join and call home. I am experienced in havoc, GvG, zerg  and general comped style groups as a support main, although I am flexible and can swap in for other roles when need be. I already have a Heal Vindicator, Support Tempest, and Minstrel Firebrand geared and ready to go. I am happy to fill holes in your comp and learn new roles to fit your needs. I am currently on DH, but willing to transfer to whichever server that I need to go. I am also experienced in providing ascended food and guild siege and happy to lend a hand and contribute and teach others if necessary. I am available every day at most times, and when I am not online the game I can always be reached on Discord. I have tons of experience and a general knowledge of most of the game to offer. I would love to join a guild with a competitive edge that also remembers to have fun while we’re kicking butt. 

If you are interested in recruiting me or have further questions, please reach out to me on Discord. KatyeKitty#7805


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hi, we WvW on Ferguson's Crossing. We have different types of groups that run various days of the week. Reach out to Big Zeek (BigZeek.9017) and/or visit our Discord WvW channel or discord calendar to get information on comps, or which runs require comp and which do not. (if you join, discord link will be in the Message of the Day in the guild panel)


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