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Where do you store your extra stuff?

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I have almost all specializations and I play them at random. But the number of specializations does not match the number of my characters, meaning I swap builds most of the time.

I have 1 mesmer, but have 2 builds: dps condi alac and power virtuoso. So naturally, I have 2 sets of gears: Vipers and Berserker.

Now that Anet killed the old dps alac build, I have to invest in a few Ritualist equipment "to make it work". I do not want to throw Vipers, but they are exotic (lol) and I can't swap stats.

Now, do I just buy extra bank or bag slot? What is the most economical thing to do in your opinion?


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Personally I have 9 chars - one for each main profession. Mainly playing one main though. The main has maxed bag slots and at least 20-slot bags everywhere. (+most of the bigger bags that were free from achievements)

That already is a lot. Also slowly buying more and more bank tab expansions. And I have a solo guild. (Though there you can't store bound stuff.) The main mainly keeps slots occupied by a ton of stuff that I need every now and then - not often. But I also don't want to store it in the bank. (Blueprints for WvW. Extos and stuff - where I gahter up until they are at 250 and then selling or using them. But keeping the slot reserved.)

Gear ... I don't switch it that often. On the alt chars there is room - since I barely play them and have only the basic stuff permanently in the inventory. (Not 1 slot for each of the possible WvW blueprints like at the main.)

I guess the bank and/or bigger bags are an option - as well as the equipment template slots (if you regularly want to change they can be convenient). I'd try the bank if you don't change toooo often. (Can also then be flexibily used for other stuff to store if needed.) If you change frequently then the template slots. The bags only if you also want to regularly keep more stuff on that same char.

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