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Can Skaa get more health? Maybe remove ledges in his cave?


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Spending time in Sandswept Isles tonight, we were looking for the prestige hunting targets for Honorary Olmakhan achievement. I'd gotten it in the past with no problem, but a friend was working on A Bug in the System mastery. We found all the targets but Skaa and defeated them. After circling back many times to no avail trying to find Skaa, I was surprised because I didn't remember having such difficulty with this achievement.

Then we saw the mechanist. He was standing on the ledge, firing once a second at nothing. When sand lions would spawn, he'd shoot them down, then go back to shooting once a second or so. I went to the PVP lobby, sold off junk, then returned, glad to find I was in another instance of Sandswept Isles.

Except there was a different mechanist. Standing on a ledge. Shooting every second or so.

Pvp lobby again, different instance, yet another Mechanist. And then Skaa spawned. I tell my friend, "Quick, move to my instance and get here! Skaa's up."

Only to watch the mechanist take Skaa down. Then go back to pew pew once a second. My friend arrived just a little too late.

So, could we get the ledges removed inside Skaa's cave? Maybe give him some more health? Maybe make him invuln until he emerges from his cave? The rest of the prestige targets for Honorary Olmakhan wander around their areas just fine, and can be found because they don't get immediately taken down by AFK bots they can't fight back against.

Yes, I reported and moved on. This isn't a complaint about AFK bots. It's a request that, since they don't seem to be going anywhere, Skaa be adjusted for the current AFK bot infested state of the game.


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Well this explains why I couldn't find him and second Skaa getting the same stats as the other elites for the achievement. I was after Skaa myself this weekend working on various achievements and never ran into him, but sure enough, every map there was a Mechanist doing exactly as you described. I didn't realize it was Skaa they were after since all of the other elite mobs for the achievement take some effort to take down. But if that's where Skaa spawns and has crap for health, now I know why I never found after hours of coming back. It was obvious, especially after trying to chat, they were botting and reported as such. Maybe with my mesmer I can see if their botting is using the interact key, portal the bugger out of there like a tick.

lol ended up not needing to try and move the bot, they moved in such a way Skaa is now spawning. Got there just as he was out in the open fighting Old Stonehoof

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There are a couple of things in GW2 to get an on-spawn-tag, even if you are technically not capable of doing it normally. May it be due to overwhelming high DPS from other players or long loading-times from your computer. You could also rely on the same stuff those farmers use, but the pets can be too slow. That is why I would recommend using one of the following at the spawnpoint of the NPC:
- Necromancer Marks (Staff 2-5)
- Dragonhunter Traps
- Ranger Traps
- Engineer Bomb Kit (auto-attack)
- Engineer Mortar Kit (auto-attack)
Engineer Thumper Turret

Alternatively you can also try tagging them yourself with a Flame Thrower.
- Engineer Kit
Jezza's Flamethrower, probably the cheapest/easiest to acquire for this purpose (auto-attack pointing in the direction)
While we are at the bundle-topic, you can also go for the neat Deployable Thumper Turret, which works like the Engineer one. It has a longer cooldown though. 

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