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WvW Scrapper Roaming


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It's been several years since I put out any WvW roaming video content, however I recently upgraded my PC and am able to record and process reliably again.


If anyone is interested in watching an old has-been throw some nades, feel free to watch.

I recorded a few more duels against decent opponents last night and will be making more videos in the next week or so.


And the few duels vs Catalyst and Soulbeast I mentioned:


Build used in videos - Marauder Hammer and Armour, Runes of the Chronomancer, Cleansing/Celerity Sigils.

Explosives 1, 2, 3

Tools 2, 3, 3

Scrapper 1, 3, 2


Feedback always welcomed.


- Prozap [DI]

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11 minutes ago, Limbo.4087 said:

I thought so too, but it seems to me 3 seconds of protection is too weak a reason to take it

It's probably better than extra endurance regen on a build using Takedown Rounds for the extra DPS and inconsistent quickness vs chronomancer runes/celerity.

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The protection on heal is the reason, yeah. I have no other source of protection on the build otherwise.

No point in taking kinetic battery as the toolbelt CDs are all pretty long, and you can waste the superspeed thanks to the 10 second cap from medkit F1. Adrenal implant is decent, but imo the protection from Gadgeteer is better, plus it's when you need it.

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Nice vid. With nerfs to superspeed running tools 2,1,3 is what I've been having fun on. With rocket boots superpeed and scrappers trait u gain boons with the superspeed and a swap to nades ever so often gives perma swiftness, may not be most effective but it's fun.

Question, is elchemy a better choice for sustain vs tools considering the passive elix defensive boons given?

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Thank you!

Tools has long been my favourite trait line, so the condition cleanse buffs that it received last year were great! 


Alchemy with elixirs will definitely give you more boons and sustain in most cases, however conditions become a serious issue.. outside of cleansing sigil you don't have much cleanse.

Tools is a well balanced trait line that offers solid offensive options as well as some defense. I personally swap between takedown round and lock-on depending on whether i need the reveal or not.


I used to run alchemy+tools with static discharge, but i feel that SD doesn't work as well as it did.


Rocket boots are amazing, i had a neat build that paired them with slick shoes and mortar kit (zephyr runes) on core engineer.. mobility was great and it was a lot of fun! Wouldn't be much use in a 1v1 against a good player though.

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Grat duels bro/sis!


I was trying to get celestial into my scrapper build, trying to not rely much on condi, but I think I will never change. Power Scrapper is my passion. I will have to get used to 'nades, tho. I'm a big fan of Elixir Gun. 


How are you feeling with heavy condi classes? I was using Hammer Catalyst and there were 2 engis I lost against that I can remember well: 1 scrapper using a condi build, pistol/shield. And the other was a core engi, the same pistol/shield. After that, I wanted to get some condi but not lose my hammer as a main weapon, but I think it's hard. 

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.


I also prefer playing power to both cele or condi, I like to make things happen quickly rather than chip away for 5 minutes!


If you are asking how do I deal with heavy condi, then the changes to the tools traitline make this pretty easy now. With cleansing sigil, medkit and Tools you really have a lot of cleanse options and you just need to space them out suitably.

For using condi builds, I occasionally use a Flamethrower, Rocketboots, Elixir Gun, Pistol/Shield Core engi which is pretty fun and mobile.. but I don't think it has anywhere near the capability of fighting outnumbered that power grenades currently has.

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