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[VII] The Seven Crew (EU/PVE) - New guild, New player friendly, mature, casual, no requirements.


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The Seven Crew is looking to recruit new members that are relatively inexperienced at Guild Wars 2 and are interested in joining a new guild and building it from the ground up. Keywords are fun, no stress and mature behavior. Content wise the focus would mainly be on PVE; open world meta events, world bosses, fractals, strikes and raids if people are interested. But nothing is set in stone and if you have specific ideas or goals I would highly encourage you to take a pro-active attitude and try to organize it yourself with fellow guildmates. Since this is a brand new guild and you're not jumping into a group with an established hierarchy, fixed teams and people that have known each other for ages there's a lot of room to shape the guild into something you would be interested in. So if that's something that sounds interesting to you feel free to contact me personally on Discord or through the GW2 forums.

On a side note; Obviously veteran or more experienced players are also welcome to join if they want to but the idea I had in mind for this guild is to create an environment for less established players to come together and experience the game and build something from the ground up without all the roads being paved for them already.

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