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honor of the waves boss not spawning

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2 minutes ago, Ashantara.8731 said:

It looks like the boss did spawn in your video as you could target him.

It might be the same "invisibility bug" that often occurs in Dragonstorm, when Ryland or Braham remain invisible to one player for the entire encounter.

the boss is supposed to be at that door in the end of the video, whre's there's only a simple mob

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I've been having the same exact issue. I've been trying to solo all the story dungeons and I get to this part in Honor of the Waves. Lats couple of times I attempted it the boss and his minions were not spawning, but tonight I was playing and got the Champion Ogre to spawn with his minions and beat them, but the cutscene of the doors opening did not trigger.

Basically the dungeon is soft locking after the fight with Kulag the Fallen. I don't know why this is, but it's frustrating none the less.


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