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Best Infusions for WvW, Fractals and PVE

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You need agony infusions for higher tier fractals, but they won't do anything in different content (unless you're getting the ones with "+attribute" then the stat addition also works in ow/wvw). Stats from wvw work in pve too, but the bonus guard dmg works just in wvw and you're missing agony resistance for higher fractals.

If you're only interested in "+5 [attribute]" they give, you can use either.


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If you want to only get one set and play both WvW and FotM I would say get the +5stat/+9 Agony ones.  You need the agony in FotM and while the extra damage against guards etc in WvW might be nice, it is not a make or break buff.  For PvE the stat part is all that matters, so either works.

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