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What would you do to Kralkatorrik...

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If he'd sleep or not destroy all the life I'd leave him be, but he is not sleeping and he destroys all the life in Tyria, so I hope he'll die. He just must die, there is no mercy- he killed Glint- one of the best characters in GW2 and Snaff- perhaps only one Asura that was nice.

I hope I'll smash his stupid face!

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Leaving the dragons alone was going to lead to the near-total destruction of all other life on the planet. Killing them actually sped up that process, and putting them back to sleep just delays it until sometime in the future when the cycle will start all over again.

The only good long-term option is to find a compromise, a way for both us and the dragons to coexist. I'm not sure if it's actually possible, but I think finding a way to communicate with them would be an important first step. The forgotten apparently considered Kralkatorrik to be corrupted, and were trying to restore him the same way they did with Glint. Which is interesting because as far as I know we (both players outside the game and player characters and allied NPCs within it) seem to have considered the dragons corruption to be an inherent part of their nature and only corruption when they did it to something else. I'd really like to explore that option in more detail if we can. Why did the forgotten think the corruption could be removed? What info did they have on the dragons that we don't? What did this ritual involve and why did it work for Glint but not Kralk?

It could be tricky to investigate since as far as I know everyone involved in that effort is dead and most/all the records are gone. But there's ways to communicate with the dead and we've recently discovered 2 large facilities associated with the forgotten which we didn't know existed (Tarir and the place Vlast was living), there may well be more.

Sadly I suspect what we're actually going to do is send the dragons to sleep, since our characters typically take a pretty heavy handed approach to problem solving and after "kill 'em all" that's the next most direct and dramatic solution. It makes for some cool cut scenes and I suppose it's suited to a game where many players seem to consider any dialogue or text to be in the way of the story and then complain it makes no sense if there's any kind of subtlety or plot twist, but it does also make for a much more boring story overall.

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Despite the warnings and consequences, I personally would like to kill him.Shoot him off the sky, let him crush his face on the ground, tear his chest appart and finally rip out his crystalized heart.

After that I resurrect him as my personal undead dragon and call him viserion, just necro things.

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@LadyKitty.6120 said:Just go mining some branded crystals and make the greatest cage Tyria has ever seen and lure Kralkatorrik in there. And when the dragon is in there, lock it and throw the key away. Kralk's weakness is something crystal-related so the cage should work just fine.

Tiami discovers that branded crystals can be refined into Green Kralkonyte for the cage, but wait, there's a catch!OFC this will involve being given another idiot ball and forming some alliance with something just as bad. Dhuum is into green "stuff", right?

And then Obi Wan will be our only hope.

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