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Devouring The Brand, Bugs Out.

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The Iron Marches, needs some love, man.

I've been, at least, once a day, trying to liven the map, with a branded assault. There's obviously, much newer, better and, highly more profitable, Metas; but, this one looks to be one of GW2, most oldest attempts, at doing this type of thing. Since it's in Central Tyria, it's a nice way to show some new players, a good time, and they can make a couple of gold, doing so (All the branded dust :D). However, the thing, glitches, like, all the time. Clearly, this Meta, isn't going to be high, on any list of priority, but, it's been a minute. I know it's been happening, for the couple of years, I've been playing. At some point, maybe put this on the to do list? What would be nice, if it's included, in the overhaul, we're about to see.

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