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Returning player overwhelmed by inventory

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I have returned to the arms of GW2 after quite the hiatus (many many months) and I am in abit of a pickle.

My inventory (both bank/material and characters) is giving me weird gamer anxiety and I was wondering if some patient player with current experience could maybe connect with me over Discord or w/e medium they prefer, so we can possibly spring clean or at least identify what is worth keeping or not.

Even as I post this, I am reading, watching and trying to re-learn all of this myself but I do not want my motivation to play to be hampered by a wall of item management.

I would appreciate any help, be it online resource or personal mentor.

Thanks for reading this.

Overwhelmed Player



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I have been reading the wiki and numerous other online resources, however it's like handing someone a car service manual when they have forgotten how to drive xD the info is all there but I am still unable to get it into 1st.

I'll just keep trying for now and see how it goes.


TY for your response.


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Create another character to use as a mule and offload everything to it until you're ready to deal with it. As a general rule though, don't keep anything that isn't account bound; if you need it you can buy it again later, and if you really need to keep it then you can throw it in the guild bank.


Make sure you also always sell to the Trading Post, not to merchants.

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If no one's offered to help you over Discord yet I agree that posting screenshots of your inventory and bank could be another way to do it. (You can't post the directly to the forum, you'll need to upload them to something like Imgur and then post links.)

But here's some quick tips for now:
1) Press the Deposit All Materials button in the inventory window - that will send all crafting materials to dedicated material storage in the bank (meaning you haven't lost them and they're not taking up space).
2) Go to an NPC merchant and press the 'sell junk' button. Anything which is sold has literally no use except to be sold so you won't lose anything important and it might clear some space.
3) Sort what's left into:
A. Containers - anything which says 'double click to open'.
B. Equipment - anything with stats (or which says to select stats) that can be equipped in the hero panel.
C. Everything else. 

Leave the containers as they are, they'll turn into more items when you open them and you'll likely want to deal with what you've got first. Once you've cleared other stuff you can open them and then sort what you get from them.

Equipment you may want to use, pass to another character to use, keep for later or sell or salvage. If you want to use it now then equip it, if you want to pass it to another character now then do that. If you want to keep it then put it somewhere safe (maybe a mule character, or somewhere in your bank it won't get mixed up with stuff you're sorting). If you want to get rid of it I recommend doing it in this order:
1) Sell on the Trading Post if you can
2) If you can't salvage it and deposit the materials in storage
3) If you can't do that either put it in the Mystic Forge in Lion's Arch (you'll need 3 other equipment pieces to combine it with) or sell it to an NPC merchant.
4) If you can't do either of those delete it. It's probably something you got as a level up reward and has no other use.

Everything else is the tricky one because there's a lot of possibilities. These are the ones you'll probably want to look up on the Wiki - search for each item by name to find it's page, which will tell you what it's for. If you're still not sure tell us what it is and we can help you work out what to do with it. If it's something which is only needed for an event then you can just delete it - there's a lot of these and you can always get more when doing the event they're for so there's no reason to keep them.

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On 5/19/2023 at 11:36 AM, Muaziz.7253 said:

Thanks for the amazing feedback. I will endeavour to post some screenshots soon!


I regret asking you for a screenshot, Discord would have been probably faster, as you said... anyway, in case you didn't solve yet:


Everything shown in the tabs at the bottom (the material storage): keep it, as you may need it in future. If you have a full stack, retrieve it and sell some of them (for example 100).
1 - deposit it into the material storage. If the storage is full, sell the excess to the trading post (see above)
2 - put 250 of them in the material deposit. Consume the excess (up to 300 per day) using a Gleam of Sentience 
3 - consume it/open it
4 - if you don't need it: salvage it with a mystic salvage kit or sell it to the trading post if it's worth more than 12 silver.
5 - junk item: use your copper-fed-salvage-o-matic / sell it to a merchant
6 - skin: consume it if you didn't unlock it, otherwise discard it (congratulations for your 9 sets of luminous gear!)
7 - sell it to the trading post if you want to free some space and don't need it (mostly food)
8 - put it in your bank, until you'll find a way to use it

A - This can be (same icon): Trader's Keys to unlock trade caches in the Crystal Desert, a Rolan's Master Key to open the chest at the end of the Lion's Arch jumping puzzle, or a Top Half of the Mistwrought Key to open the final chest in the Sanctum WvW JP (though I doubt that you kept it in your inventory). In any case, it's not an important item.

B - I bet you know what is this, since you are a veteran player :D You can discard it or complete a quick run in the Silverwastes.

C - This is a treasure map to unearth some small treasure in the Crystal Desert. I have a full stack of them, but I never use them because I hate Path of Fire. Can be safely discarded.
D - Ticket to fight the bosses in the Pavillon during the festival of the 4 winds. If you already killed Turai Ossa, you can sell them to any NPC.
E - You need only 1 of these to craft the WvW legendary backpack (if you want it). The rest can be sold at an NPC merchant.
F - Ornate Rusted Keys are keys used to open Sunken Chests (there is an achievement and can be used to farm Swim-speed infusion, although it's boring)
G - It seems a Siege Commander's Spoon, used to complete the Koutalophile achievement, but I don't know why you have 5 of them. Be sure that it has been added to the collection, then sell the others to an NPC.
H - Princess Miya's Wig can be converted to 5 Baubles in [The Undermarket], in Lion's Arch
J - A Completed Aetherkey to open an Aether Chest in the Aetherblade dungeon. It costs 10 copper, so you can safely discard it.
L - Proof of Legend: if you already completed the Decade set, you can use them to buy food in the capital cities.

M - This can be an Energy Crystal, but most likely it's a Mystic Crystal. It can be used in the mystic forge for many things, keep it.
P - Philosopher's Stone can be used for many things, like attuning ascended rings (cheap to buy, but you can't sell them back, so keep them).

The other items are either buffs (so up to you), salvage kits or things that I didn't recognize from the icon.
You don't have a lot of ascended items, so you might keep them, but in my experience I almost never used a trinket that I already had when I decided to change build (unless it had selectable stats), so you could also salvage them with an ascended salvage kit.

You have a lot of interesting stuff :D

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To be fair: The request made in this thread seems valid for me. The wiki ... is a good source of info. And I would advice this as well. Can be a bit tedious (but then you'll get used to most stuff a lot better and it will get easier later).

There are a ton of things. I guess for the junk (that sells automatically with that one button at the vendor) - it is clear that you can get rid of it. There is stuff that you might not need ... where it is not obvious where you could get it (should you maybe need it in the future) and where it could be used.

I like to keep most stuff on my mean - and a clean inventory with own manual sorting/placement. While the alts only keep the bare minimum of necessary stuff. So my main has tons of stuff like WvW blueprints and things ... that I do not have on the alt chars.

I think one item I saw in the screen are the experience/level up scrolls. Throw them away if you really need room and don't plan to level many other chars. (Or if you prefer to level up manually.) Or you can keep only the better (for higher level) ones. There are people though that try to bring new chars to a certain level to do story for a Black Lion Key each week or so - I think there even the lower level up scrolls can be useful. Blueprints for WvW (you have some of them as well) ... if you don't play it a lot: They can be thrown away if space is needed. Can be easily and cheap bought again as needed.

Personally I have a slot reserved for each of them on my main if needed. Depends on the play style and how many space you want to free up. Generally a good idea to place them next to each other. Use recipes if you have not used them yet. Then sell to TP or NPC.

The bloodstone dust and stuff like that ... can be converted to the better items (needs obsidian shards though) or there are converter items for that.

Urud already explained a lot. For gear it is good to get rid of it unless you plan to use it. Everthing rare (yellow) and worse can be easily obtained again if needed. For most exotics it works the same. (There might be some stats combos that are rare though.) Ascended I would keep. Unless you have legendaries for a specific slot and might want to get rid of all ascended items that could be used in that slot.


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On 5/21/2023 at 6:01 AM, Muaziz.7253 said:

Thank you very much.

As far as I can see from those pictures from your character's inventory you have only unlocked 5 bag slots, it will help you to at least get up to 5 more and buy/craft bags with 20 inventory slots  (which is account bound).

If you play WvW and have WXP to unlock Provisions Master in your WvW Panel (its a tab where you use WXP you gain from playing in this game mode on the same Panel as you use to go to WvW).


From this vendor you can purchase Siegemaster's Satchel for 7 Gold and 350 HoB (currency you gain from doing WvW) you will get a 20 slot bag that will take all Consumables and place those here. There is also a 18 slot version for 1.50 Gold and 75 HoB, so check that you pick the correct version. These are account bound bags, so you can move those to another character if you don't want or need them on that character  you made this purchase.

Pillager's Satchel is an ordinary bag, so it will take all kind of stuff without any priorities. It is the same price as for Siegemaster's Satchel with one 7 Gold + 350 HoB and another version with 1.5 Gold + 75 HoB.

The reason I suggest to get these bags is that those are cheaper then going to TP or craft yourself bags as minimum cost start at around 10 Gold for Superior Rune of Holding which is needed for crafting all types of 20 slots bags. For only 7 Gold + 350 HoB that is reasonable to get those bags, if you already are doing some WvW on regular basis.

Use Craft bags to get all crafting material in one place, one Invisible/Safe box bag (which let your store unID and use Permanent Salvage kits to get fast material which you use Dispose all from Inventory to Material Storage) and one Oiled Pack (where all junk will go - use vendor NPCs "sell all junk" option as often as you find one vendor NPC (this includes Hearts NPCs that turns into vendors after you have finished today task for those that can be repeated). While in that view do also check if you have any Trophies or anything else that is better to sell to vendor instead of putting up on TP.

Don't forget when you have made any character into crafter (you will need three for armour: one for each weight class - light, medium and heavy armour), then you will have less problem with too much items in Material Storage as when you craft or use crafter to turn lesser item into higher items(example: Ore into Ingots, Woods into Planks and so on) that can be sold or saved up max cap for your Material Storage.

You can craft items to sell on TP or save them for later use in Material Storage.

With Permanent Salvage kit (which you have one in Shared Inventory slot), you can fast turn every item that isn't protected by certain bag types like Equipment or Invisible/Safe Box (see wiki link to Bag down here).

I would move each of all unID grouped by colour blue, green and yellow (stack in Inventory can only be 250 so you can not increase stack there and need to store unID either in Characters Inv, in Shared Inv or Bank) into one of these slots to prevent those UnID to be Salvaged before you have ID them. You need to use unID to see if they have any useful Weapon Sigils or Armour Runes that can be Salvaged into Charms which either can be sold (some are worth rather much) or used to craft new Sigils or Runes. Don't forget to check if you could get more from extracting upgrade as some Sigils and Runes can be rather expensive to buy at TP (so you might want to decide weather if is worth to get an extractor to remove those upgrades and sell those or just hope for getting charm out of these that can be sold or saved in MS).

Just leave one or two Essence of Luck that you get from Salvage, so when Inventory will be full you only have to Consume that Luck to  make space for items that couldn't be placed in Inventory until you made more space to be able to continue with Salvage. Pick lower tier first (Blue or Fine UnIDs have no upgrade components while Green or Masterwork might have upgrades). Don't use Green (Masterwork) as the first "salvage all" option as that will salvage everything down to Blue (Fine).


From your character's inventory view it looks like you haven't purchased any Bag slot (only have the default 5 unlocked). Get at least Bag Slot Expansion so you have a total of 10 Bag slot (each with 20 Inventory slots: 200 Slots). It should make your life a bit easier and you will feel less struggle.

Invest also on upgrading your Material Storage from default 250 items stack up to 1000 items as everything that is material can be moved directly from Inventory to MS when you use Permanent Salvage kit every time it is possible, drop junk items at vendor, check if any Trophy items can be sold there (and sell those items you otherwise had to pay both a tax and a fee in TP to even list that is low in gain).

With these Gem Store upgrades you will have less trouble with full Inventory and can focus on playing without being interrupted by that annoying message that your Inventory is full and have to deal with that pop up for all items that can't be moved to Inventory until you make any more space.

(1) Increase your Material Storage space (stack from 250 to 1000) - this will most impact get rid of crafting material that blocks slots in inventory - it is account wide

(2) Invest in some Bank space (GS upgrade) for items that can not be stored in MS or when you need to be able to move items  between character

(3) Shared Inventory upgrades as you can place Portal Scrolls from Living World, place unID to be stored until you ID them or move to Invisible Bags for safe keeping - it is also useful for items that want to share with other character like food, buffs and so on. Permanent Gathering tools can also be shared easier as long you place a set of harvesting tool, logging and mining tool in character - click on Perm Gathering tool to exchange space to equip and to the same when you want to move those back into SI.

(4) Upgrade your character inventory to have at least a total of 10 Bags instead of 5. It is possible to have 12 Bags, but it is not necessary and can be a later upgrade when you feel that you want to have some more space (compare it to the cost of getting 32 slots Inventory bags and you will see it is better to get those 2 Bags slots unlocked, then working towards 32 slots inventory bags).

(5) There are different free option to get to Bank, Craft station (which also have access to Bank, MS and crafting in same window) and Black Lion Trade Post NPC for fetching your purchased items or Gold. Purchase Icebrood Saga Portal Tome as it by default unlocks access to Eye of the North as a hub that can be upgraded and offer very much the same option as those Lounge passes.

You can even go to our Home Instance directly from that Asura gate (when you purchase it from that Asura NPC to left side of that gate), so there are several benefits from using EoTN as a main place for your daily activities like craft some things, sell (junk and low worth) items to vendor NPCs and gather your Gold from BLTP NPC.

The only main down side with EoTN is that you can not teleport back and forth like some of those Lounge Passes if you want to get back in open world PvE the same place as you left when you used that Scroll/Tome which is possible we some of these Lounges.

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Thanks again for all of this very useful information.


I have started to upgrade my bag slots also to alleviate some of the storage issues (really helped alot).


Just a huge thank you to all who have responded here, it has helped me immensely and I should be OK from here on out.



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