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So we all know having to spam specific skills off cooldown for quickness or alacrity is pretty poor design; in other words, you're going to be ignoring other purposes/uses of the skill.

To start off with alacrity:

Mirage: chaos vortex no longer gives alacrity; instead, a master trait makes all your ambush skills give alacrity. this would benefit from some deception skills especially as they grant you "mirage cloak."
it would also make alacrity mirage a thing underwater lol. I know this may mean staxe mirage resurfaces, but numbers may have to be tweaked.
Chronomancer: stretched time and all's well that ends well are merged. it would still be a grandmaster trait to prevent Chronomancer from permanently upkeeping both alacrity and quickness. in addition, wells are now mobile combo fields baseline.

Ranger: invigorating bond
beast skills still heal allies around the pet (20s cd as is). healing allies, granting boons, or removing conditions grants alacrity, and additional alacrity per boon, per heal, or per condition removed. alacrity grants 180 healing power to you and your pet. It's kind of hard to make this trait practical for all ranger's elite specs, as Untamed and Soulbeast aren't full-blown supportive specs like Druid. though Soulbeast does have a few support skills and stance sharing.

Willbender: please undo the phoenix protocol nerf. thanks.

Renegade: orders from above no longer gives alacrity; upkeep skills or spending energy gives alacrity to allies; the duration increases based on how long you've kept said skill active, or how much energy you've spent.

Mechanist: fine as is, the idea of barrier in addition to alacrity was a great idea.

Tempest: My only suggestion is that healing allies with auras and granting alacrity should be both doable. Alacrity was badly implemented here. This popped into my mind: what if auras personally granted you alacrity, but then transmuting auras also granted alacrity? Or spreading auras to allies also grants them alacrity.

Specter: consuming shadow force grants alacrity, with more alacrity granted based on shadow force consumed. entering or exiting shadow shroud grants alacrity and might. Barriers also grant alacrity. 
It would fit in nicely with the shadestep trait. So you have barrier, then shadowstep, then grant alacrity in an area around you!

Now moving on to quickness: 

Warrior: using adrenaline now shares quickness with allies; quickness grants you 250 concentration. the duration scales based on your adrenaline spent.

Herald: similarly to Rengade, upkeep skills or energy share quickness with allies. Quickness duration is increased based on long you've kept the skill active or the energy you've spent.

Scrapper: no real idea here, sorry.

Firebrand: I honestly think this is fine as is. 

Harbinger: life force you've spent grants quickness and fury to you and your allies; quickness causes you to gain vigor, duration also scaling based on life force spent (5s CD).

Chronomancer: seize the moment: now clones you summon also grant quickness (1s). This would also mean phantasms that turn into clones also grant quickness, yes.

Catalyst: I think energy needs to be tied to quickness, just like with Herald. 

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