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How can power Chronomancer become better


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I love Chronomancer spec, the unique shatter skills, rewinding time, gravity well, just like the Mirage Jaunt shout: "Time and space are my allies" <--this line feel better in Chrono

 but it seems that power Chrono performance are outperformed by power Vituoso (At fractal CM, i don't play raid so cant tell is it better in raid)


IMO what make power build better than condi build is that power build can handle mechanics / boss phasing / target change or split, without losing too much damage,

but power Chrono require more time to build up damage than other power spec, making Chrono more punishing by phasing, and the clones problem making Chrono hard to deal with target change,

power Vituoso instead no need to worry about these because the blade is "stock" to character and not boss itself, and their skills are pretty straight forward.

May be Anet can make clones works like "pet"? making them follow your current target when using shatter and not disappear when current target are gone?


Sorry for my bad grammar as i am not a native English speaker











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Are you complaining about virtuoso or what exactly do you want to see from chrono?    Not every spec build is comparable to others and have trade offs.   Chrono is very strong in the right hands and a better one will always out class the other specs.   That being base Mesmer, mirage, and virt.   CS rotation is far easier to mess up compared to other Mesmer set ups.   If you really like the spec you will have to sink the time in to become better with it.   Power Mesmer leaves little room for error and the use of one wrong skill leads to consequences most other classes never deal with.   It’s not a friendly spec to learn.   Keep working on rotation timing and things will feel more fluent as you’re playing.

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as far as pve is concerned, i feel that the issues largely boil down to the fact how pvirt will simply hit ~15% harder than pchrono, who instead has to play harder to make up for the difference. phantasmal blades also removes most of whatever advantage chronophantasma has while being faster to boot, meaning pchrono is really only relying on csplit and faster skill reharge from improved alacrity, neither of which are instantaneous/"bursty" (nor casual friendly), to match

i dont know if a readied 3 clone shatter will make much of a difference when you and your friend start blasting, but your friend just casually blasts 15% harder (and faster) while you have to wait who knows how long for your bonuses to start kicking in

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Well with the Chronoshift I really don't think there is any other option from a DPS perspective.


If the Chrono is able to provide equal DPS to the Virt for a poor-average player. Then the top players will play nothing except for Chrono because it would blow everything out of the water.

So the only real option is to have the Chrono in a top players hands be equal to a Virt with someone who is just above average. That means the DPS for most players picking up Chrono will be subpar.


That's why I'm pushing to improve the classes support capabilities. So its only identity isn't just DPS exclusively for the elite players.

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There is no way for pchrono to surpass virtuoso in fractals except the very long phase ones unless they butcher virtuoso dps.

Fractals are bursty, chrono is not. But chrono could use a very minor dps push in the <10% range to be on par with other dps and widen the gap between chrono and virtu a bit. Alac and quick chrono need more help though. Not dps wise but alac chrono gameplay is garbage and quick does not even use its shield phantasms. I really just dont like shield. It is a great tank weapon but feels awful on any dps build and quick chrono is dps+. And taking focus feels just awful. Tank minstrel chrono is not a thing anymore. Not since pof.

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