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I was wrong about Guild Wars 2. Kitten, this game is amazing. I can't stop playing it. So I made a video about it. :)

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10 hours ago, DexterousGecko.6328 said:

That thumbnail face isn't nearly shocked enough to get me to click. Sorry 😞


OP: I'll watch it soon after I get through some other videos.

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Post-watch thoughts: I'm very very surprised you didn't mention the Fashion Wars. GW2 has an insanely good cosmetics system, and so many people including me have gone absolutely ham with it. I've even made a kitten good Arthas character complete with Frostmourne. The only problem with it is that some cosmetics are not available to new players due to them being available only for a limited time. Although I think ANet has very recently came out and said that they were gonna have much less limited-time items and would bring a lot back on a permanent basis.

PvP needs work. A lot of work. It's infamously been left to stagnate and the community is getting really mad. The core combat is so kitten good, so it's a terrible waste that the PvP system around it has not gotten any attention from the dev team for years besides maybe balance patches.

Guilds need work as well, although not as much as PvP. People often have to rely on a third-party service like Discord in order to have effective guild management tools, and it's bad for everyone. The guild leader has to try to get everyone onto the guild Discord or they simply have to do without a lot of tools. And what's more, players just do not want to have to deal with a second middleman just to interact with their guild community, it's incredibly annoying. It completely takes you out of the game literally and metaphorically, and desperately needs improvement, especially in a game called GUILD Wars 2.


Putting all that aside though... GW2 is still the best MMO one can play right now. The only other MMO that really competes with it in quality right now is World of Warcraft Classic, and that's ONLY because the PvP. For pretty much everything else, GW2 makes WoW look like yesterday's news. Guild Wars 1 as well deserves a big shout-out, because to this day, it still has incredibly unique and super fun combat. People are still playing it even now.

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  • Forum Moderator.3419 changed the title to I was wrong about Guild Wars 2. Kitten, this game is amazing. I can't stop playing it. So I made a video about it. :)

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