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Druid Staff Rework Concept


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I kind of always wished the druid's staff had a little more oomph to it. It's meant to be a healing weapon, and does alright but could be cooler as a healing weapon imo. It's got ancestral grace and that's a large part of what carries it. I wanted to see if it could be made into something that's skills feels good and impactful across the board as a weapon designed primarily for healing.

Solar Beam - Channel a continuous, ramping beam of sunlight on your target. Breaking the beam resets the ramp.                                                      

 introducing something new here in a skill with no maximum duration

(Allied Target) Your target and allies in the path of the beam are continuously healed. The healing your primary target recieves ramps up over a couple seconds.

(Enemy Target) Your target and enemies in the path of the beam take continuous damage. Then damage your primary target recieves ramps up over a couple seconds

Astral Wisp - Send a wisp to attach to your target and circle them, healing nearby allies. Solar Beam ramps up instantly against this target, and partially prolongs the effect's duration.

Ancestral Grace - Evade attacks while traversing to the target location, healing neadby allies upon arrival and interrupting nearby enemies. (Blast Finisher)

Vine Surge - Create a cascading line of vines that immobilize and cripple foes.

Aurora Veil - Raise a large semicircular energy barrier that blocks enemy projectiles. Solar Beam's effectiveness is increased when channeled on targets within or on the other side of the barrier. Allies that cross the barrier lose conditions, and foes that cross it are blinded. (Water Field)

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I like the concept of the solar beam boosts, but it would need a lot of nerfs to the actual healing in order to make things like the staff 2 change or the staff 5 change not be insanely OP. Druid's healing is already pretty strong with just CA.

I actually mostly agree with the staff 2 changes. Instant ramp up, so long as the max ramp up isnt OP, and extended duration are neat concepts. Would need a cap on duration, maybe double duration at max?

Ancestral Grace could literally just be the mobility and the healing and it'd still be great. I'd argue for a small nerf so that way druid can avoid being shafted in other ways to try and cover for the skill- just keep the mobility, blast, and the healing, remove the pet protection (like adding protection just for your pet helps much, but skill bloat) and get rid of any potential evade frames that would be returned to it.

Vine surge should be changed. It's awful, it's been awful in the 3 years I've been playing, and it's probably been awful since it was introduced. Easier time hitting, better immob, wider spread, something. I wouldn't mind a full rework of the slot tbh.

Aurora veil is already a thing, it boosts defense and special defense by 50% but it can only be used in- wait wrong game

Aurora veil seems pretty OP. Condi cleanse for allies, it's disruptive for enemies, it blocks projectiles, it increases solar beam's healing, and it's still a water field.

Sublime conversion is fine as it is imo, it's a projectile hate that does more than just blocking. Plus, on the Matthias fight in Wing 2, you can make some of his attacks completely worthless with it!

Maybe a duration or size increase for competitive modes as it's a decently tiny little wall, but its mostly fine. Also, for some reason the regen on it isn't target capped??? Not that it matters, there likely won't be more than 2 or 3 people in the wall at any given point in time, but it's definitely unintended and also really funny when you can get a squad of 40+ into the wall for regen.

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I like the beam being a semi permanent leash and that's kinda it from the stuff I want.

A lot of it is just raw healing, which we already have in CA and traits, so I don't see the middle ground, where it's not overshadowed while balanced. Reward from commitment to rampup mechanic feels weird, like you are being punished for changing targets and using other skills.

Vines seem like a downgrade (unless I'm missing something) since you lose the movement cleanse part. 

Ancestral Grace already has a lot of effects, so I'd leave it be, as much as I'd like the evade.

Aurora veil is pretty good, but I'd miss the unlimited target regen and unique mechanics of transforming projectiles into healing.

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I think not much needs to be changed tbh

Astral Wisp: should be the same but a burst detonation damage

Ancestral Grace: add evade frame

Vine Surge: reduce cast time to 1/4s

Sublime FConversion: either reduced cooldown to 20s or increase duration to 8s


Solar Beam I think is fine, maybe a slight bump to damage coefficient. I'm currently playing might stacking build with druid. At 25 might stacks I'm hitting between 3-5k per autoattack in WvW. Considering you don't need to within melee range and you can't really side-step the beam like LB arrows, it's quite strong. Very funny when classes like engis put up shields and you're still able to beam them into the ground. Another thing with Solar Beam is that when you use quickness buff, it is very hard to see any animation change, you can stealth burst someone pretty fast with it.

I think Glyphs need a buff, but I really haven't thought about it.

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