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Hopeful speculation/ suggestion for DPS Tempest

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I would like to see that even if its not an pure dps set up with say water and earth more of support and cc. I would not mind seeing overloads lose there stun brakes if you take this trait (a lot of trait need to remove some effect for other effects.) It would be nice if they where fields during there cast as well and where slightly bigger aoe.

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May be a trait to greatly reduce CD for overloads (and not the "singularity"  in Transcendant Tempest).
Something like fresh air but dedicated to all of them. For exemple if you stay in the same element "reduce recharge time by 50%".

A second shout / activation on shout to detonate (transmute) the auras you've just applied or in range : "Feel the burn : transmute fire auras you applied*, blast radius 600" "Rebound : transmute all auras, blast radius : 600" ...

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3 hours ago, soulknight.9620 said:

Whoa whoa whoa! No need for drastic changes here! Lets start with 2-3% dmg increase on overloads and in couple of years see how it goes!

Nah, anet style is like, buff this like there's no tomorrow.


Oops, ele is good now, let's make it worse than it was before

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First thing they will to do is ad more alacrity because if you play power , you go fire and air , going earth and water is big deeps loss (especially if you wait for the overload ...) and condi is fire and earth , so they will need to ramp up the alacrity like crazy cause 14 secs for one OL when full boon duration isnt gonna go , and you will not go 100% boon duration as a dps/support either , not even telling power/alacrity , when you will need to invest like crazy in precision as ele has only a +5% crit. chance ... and in boon duration , having awfull combination of diviner/assassin stats ...

Then add some dps trait to tempest , look at all the traits and tell me which one increase your dps except transcendent tempest , who is at same level as alacrity ... having a whole traitline taken just for the OL and alacrity  is a waste ...

But we all know that ele is the black beast of anet , they don't like 0,000...000001% of the players overperforming with it , after all ele is meta defining ! No ?

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