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WvW Dolyak Finisher

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2 minutes ago, Xenesis.6389 said:

Used all mines out.

I'm currently using the unicorn... Big rainbow and unicorn running to heaven for everyone to see...

You'd have to offer something way more flashy than a dolyak trophy slam to get me to use it.

I'm not saying you have to use the WvW Dolyak Finishers.  I'm just saying wouldn't be cool if it became a permanent finisher? Even if you used all them up you can still receive the finisher if they became permanent with a quick check of the archives and achievement awards.

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I never liked the Dolyak finisher, it's just not grand enough for what it should be, there needs to be new finishers added for some extreme milestones, and they need to be impressive, not a lame dolyak...

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I use the guild one once someone told me it lingers after someone quickly respawns. I had someone stomp me once and after I waypoint a red glowing eye animated above my head and I didn't know what it was from.

If they made the dolyak permanent it should be only for exchange at a vendor for 10 temporary ones. But also update it to make it really cool and exclusive.

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