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Tae-Sung event blocking progress in Special Ops Basic Course 3 Collection

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Defeating Tae-Sung in Seitung Province currently does not consistently award progress towards the completion of the collection "Special Ops Basic Course 3".


PS: The same can be said about killing Oni on EoD maps: achievement "Ambush Hunter" is unaffected.

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After some tries i got the answer and got the achivement.

During the fight with Tae-Sung, you need to use the action keys on the spirits as it is explained on the wiki. Not only kill Tae-Sung

Wiki : "

For those having trouble with this part of the collection use the below steps:

  • At 66% and 33% Tae-Sung will phase. This is also marked by Kyung saying "What a coward! He's hiding in the spirit world."
  • Grab the Special Action by interacting with the bells around the shrine.
  • Move to Kyung and press F to 'Phase'
  • Move to Spirits next to Tae-Sung and activate the Special Action key
  • Lastly, collect the spirit essence in the area around Tae-Sung, appearing as red baubles.
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