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NA Player looking for fun, friendly PvX/PvE guild

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I'm looking to find a guild that is focused mostly around PvE with some PvX aspects as well such as a little bit of WvW once in a while. I mostly log on late at night between 10pm - 4am eastern time, which I know is crazy late, but I'm a night owl - can't sleep, and get most stuff accomplished at night hehe. That said, I've been playing GW2 for 6+ years, I have all 3 expansions completed, as well as all Living World story up to date, so I definitely know my way around the game by now and can be of some use for newer members if necessary.

I usually solo, as this game doesn't really require you to be in a guild to enjoy all the content, but it does get lonely so I'm here looking for a kind, friendly community to become a part of. I'd prefer smaller guilds so I don't get lost in the masses. My server is Eredon Terrace, and if you think I'd fit in well with your crew, feel free to send me a DM either here or a mail message in-game.

Thank you for your time. 🙂

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