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Twitch Drop Bug: Stuck On Stage 2 Repeating

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Trying to watch and get my twitch drops but after getting the upgrade extractor, it unlocked the shirt but then also restarted the upgrade extractor stage again. Then after taking the second thinking I hadn't gotten the first (deleted the second once I realised I already did grab it and it arrived in game), it reset my timer on the extractor again so now it wants me to claim a third and won't give me progress on the shirt.

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So I spoke with my flatmate immediately after this and it turns out it is actually that you have to collect three times to get to the next tier. I didn't even realise that there was meant to be three total, since Ijust assumed I got all three at once since that's what the drop says. Awful way of doing it.

eta: Especially when it also shows the shirt as being unlocked after the first extractor? Very confusing and unclear. Just let us do an hour at once then let us have it.

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