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Earned Cosmetics vs Gem Store Cosmetics

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I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to A-Net for the Special Ops achievements and armor cosmetics being able to be earned in game instead of being thrown on the Gem store.  I personally main a Holosmith and deadeye, and I have usually dressed them up with a style as close to Ironman from marvel comics as you can imagine.  This new armor style is fantastic for my vibes and I’m super excited to begin unlocking it.  

With that said, I want to express my opinion when it comes to cosmetics being earned in game vs bought.  

I understand that this game relies on the gem store for monetization.  I applaud that there is no power gained from the gem store, and the box price for expansions in this game are very reasonable compared to other titles.  However, I wanted to say that when you add cosmetics that can be earned in game, THAT is what gets me to actually play the game.  

I have no idea if I am in the minority, but earning cosmetics or other rewards in game is one of my favorite things to do.  Some of the most memorable examples would be unlocking the Skyscale, the Season of the dragon achievements to unlock the legendary amulet, the decade armor achievements, and also the elegy armor and runic armor (which were some of my favorites).  Some of the tasks needed to unlock this stuff might not be fun, but the journey is fun, and the point is, I’m actually playing the game working toward a goal.  

One other thing I would like to point out is, for someone like me that usually has a hard time doing group content mostly do to the time of day I play, adding the need to do a fractal dungeon to even one step of the process to unlock this new armor actually makes me WANT to do this group content and you can bet I’ll be up late looking for fractal groups for it even though normally I wouldn’t be.  

I guess what I’m trying to say is, buying cosmetics on the gem store is still cool, and I don’t mind the instant gratification.  But cosmetics earned in game through a journey of some kind is what actually makes me want to play the game.  And when I’m actually engaged in an activity and playing, I am definitely more likely to spend money on gems for other quality of life stuff.  

Again thank you for adding the awesome new special ops skins and making them available in game.  

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If they can create a limited amount of skins each time , it should it be locked behind a single content , or spread out in various modes ? Because in  this expansion the majority of skins + achiv  skins + gen3 precursors were locked behind  Strikes .

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