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Special Ops Advanced Course 2 - Defeat the Purist champion

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Is this bugged for anyone else? Like I've done 'Defeat the Purist champion' event like 3 times now and still no achievement for 'Purist Resolution Training', in the 'Special Ops Advanced Course 2'...

,I know theirs like 8 different champions with the same event name, it isn't specific with what one I need to kill, just to complete the event.

As of writing this I just got it! This was during the 'Search the Ministry of Archives for Purist propaganda' event, after completing  this it also spawns 'Defeat the Purist champion' in the Ministry of Archives, I was in a squad with a bunch of players that was stuck on the same achievement as me and some of them got it and some didn't, I have no idea why this happened but it did.

I hope this helped anyone that's trying to get this collection completed, good luck!

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I killed the purist champion in the ministry of archives but it only gave credit for the second progress, which is "in new kaineng city's ministry of archives, defeat the purist." it didnt give credit for "defeat the purist champion.

I completed "thwart the purist agitators" twice to make the "defeat the purist champion" event spawn but it didnt work.

How did you spawn the "defeat the purist champion" event in the ministry of archives? according to the wiki, the event spawns at northeastern of the map

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From the wiki page on Special Ops Advanced Course 2, in the Notes section.

When too many people participate in https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/e/ec/Event_collect_%28tango_icon%29.png Search the Ministry of Archives for Purist propaganda (80) the follow-up event might scale up. Instead of the Elite Purist a Champion will spawn, preventing players from completing https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/b/b1/Event_boss_%28tango_icon%29.png Defeat the Purist! (80). They will instead receive credit for https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/b/b1/Event_boss_%28tango_icon%29.png [Group Event] Defeat the Purist champion (80).

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