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Need Help On The Future in Jade

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I was trying to do the new content but had not unlocked Arborstone as I couldn't complete "the Future in Jade" I get stuck on resetting the Junction Boxes. I don't understand what I am to do on the so called mini game. 

I have a Blue box , a red triangle and a yellow x to control but what , I am stuck.

I got to this same point last time and can't find anything on the wiki to help either.

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Upon interacting with the Junction box, you get a sequence of the three symbols displayed on screen. It is basically a modern version of Simon Says. The symbols appear above your character and should be quite flashy.

Now the problem is, when you do it for the first time, there is only one symbol. The 'game' starts with one button to press, then two, then three ... etc. You get the symbol exactly one time. Then you are supposed to repeat it. If you have missed it, just press any symbol and wait for the next sequence. You are supposed to get a few correct sequences in a row. 

Zooming in on your character can help seeing it better.


Note: There is an UI bug that happens sometimes that prevents those mechanics to be visible. You can press CTRL+SHIFT+H to hide the whole UI and then again to reload it. This usually fixes the bug. Also works when you play any adventures/minigames with ego-shooter mechanic, but there is no white dot for the aiming.

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