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Reaper Death's Charge changes/fix [wvw]


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The tracking capability of rs2 is awful, with its tracking bugging out against any form of movement skill.

This has become even more apparent with the release of eod specs. Try hitting rs2 on a willbender.

An easy fix would be to give it the tracking/retracking capability similar to warrior gs5, tho that might make it *too* easy to hit. 

Another fix idea - a recast ability to end the skill on the spot with the blind aoe, hitting on the spot youre activating it on. (this could also be achieved with giving rs1 high skill priority to cancel sr2 mid cast, without the ability to finish the aoe blast of the skill in its entirety prematurely)

Probably not the most important fix needed on reaper atm but still incredibly annoying to deal with in any gamemode.

(this is not asking for a plain buff, just give us the ability to hit the skill more reliably with skill/timing)

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