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Today I discovered that Jade Cannon arms is a dps loss as power Mech


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Eventho the trait provides +20% crit rate to the mech, its auto damage is so much lower than other mech options it does less damage than the support and condi mech arms as pure power.
My testing shows between 200 and 500 less dps while doing a golem solely letting the mech dps with the jade cannon option  instead of the other ones even the might one.
Basically the coefficient of jade autos is about half of the coeficient of the melee traits, meaning that the 20% crit doesnt even compensate for the damage loss from the mech autos regardless of the amount of targets and the circumstances.

Can other ppl test it ? Let your mech work solo on the golem and compare end result with jade and other options (Make sure to stay near mech obviously for mechanical genius), I'd like to be proven wrong on this one because it really is weird.

it would be particularily weird because it would mean that a lot of mech power builds, even rifles ones are currently gimping themselves because of a perception problem since :
It does less damage.

It also doesnt cleave as well as melee options because piercing instead of frontal cleave. (all other mech options are 5 target cleave)
It makes your mech do whatever instead of following your target and making mechanical genius harder to keep and getting away from boonsharing.
It provides vuln which is more often overkill rather than weakness/might which can have uses or additionnal free bleeds that will marginally increase dps.

Am I missing something ?

Edit ill post the bench in a bit

Edit :

Full berserker - All condis - all boons - No infusion
Might trait :

Jade Trait :

Dot trait :

Am I crazy or Bleed trait is 700+ dps above the power trait for power mech ?

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All the point is to burst mobs quickly from range without the need to constantly run into melee (and upkeep mechanical genius* (I don't find the mec does " whatever instead of following  the target"); which is quite strong in OW and has its use in competitive modes. I don't find that weird that the range option does less damage than melee attacks on golem.

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I got EoD at the start of April this year and I was originally using the ranged option for my mech but changed it to the melee options after a couple weeks. I was using single-edged cutters until recently and have switched to high-impact drivers. Reason is I am usually playing solo and the might is more useful than the tiny bit of bleed, and testing the mech by itself on the golem shows high-impact does a good bit more dps when there's no group boons or group conditions on the golem, which is more representative of my real life roaming play.

I didn't switch to melee so much because the mech does indeed do more dps when it is in melee but rather the fact the firearms spec has 2 skills that want you within 450 range of the enemy to get their perks so it didn't seem to make much sense to me to not have my mech in melee range if I am going to be somewhat close to the enemy in the first place. This makes it much easier to keep mechanical genius up as well since I don't have to deal with my mech sometimes engaging too far away and I then have to micro manage it to get it closer when I go closer

I also like to occasionally swap to mace/shield when roaming out and about in open world since I find mace skills more fun than rifle when it comes to mobs. Having the mech in melee mode obviously makes that easier to do. 

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