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Gem store item listed as available on sites but not in gem store

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Hi there, I am a returning player and am wondering if I'm missing something obvious. The wiki and other sites that generate the Gem Store schedule indicate that the Rebel Boots Package is in the gem store but I don't see it available anywhere. Are the sites just wrong or out of date and does that happen often? I'm just wondering how accurate they are for what is actually currently available. Thank you! 🙂

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If it's not in the gem store then the sites are out of date.

The Wiki is entirely run by players. I don't really understand Wiki tables but as far as I know it's not possible to automate gem store availability info, so it will only change when someone manually edits it, which means it can often be out of date.

I have no idea how reliable other sites are, but if the Wiki can't get the pages to update automatically other sites won't be able to either, so they'll also be dependant on someone making the changes manually.

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