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Prerequisite for Ambush Hunter progression?


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I've killed a couple of oni champions now in EoD maps, with one I just killed having only two other players attacking it and it finished off the Kaineng daily, so I definitely succeeded in tagging it. However, my Ambush Hunter progress is still at zero.

Anyone know if this achievement has any prerequisite before you can start getting progress for it (I've done the story, but haven't yet done the tunnel meta, and I've still got a couple of oni ambush groups I haven't got around to taking on from the first part of Gyala), or is this just another case of some accounts getting bugged achievement progress?

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20 hours ago, Healix.5819 said:

There's no requirements. It was probably just never tested for other maps, because you'll complete this on 1 run of the tunnel if you bother to kill them.

I suspect you might be right. I got credit for one I ran into on Gyala (happened to be there when the map was just about to hit the finale, so I figured I might as well), so if I see one on another map before I complete the achievement, I'll see if that counts.

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