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Looking for a guild that uses Windswept Haven (PoF) guild hall

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Bit of an odd request - I'm looking for a guild that calls Windswept Haven (PoF guild hall) home. I like having a guild for every hall, and I'm missing this one after the last one I was in disbanded.

Admittedly, I'm not sure I can offer much. I basically am an Open World and story only player, but I do log on every day. I have 447 MP and 21,000+ AP.

I don't care how large the guild is - I recently was recruited to one that just needed numbers, so I'm happy to be a daily number that looks good. I'm NA Dragonbrand if it matters. I don't care if it's an EU guild, but I'm not sure if that's even feasible.

Send me a message here if interested. Obviously I'm not much of a forum user, but I'll check in often and answer any question there may be of me.

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I run a convenience guild. People join to:
- farm gathering nodes (not autmaxed, T3 on purpose so you can farm these nodes in addition to a T4 guildhall)
- use vendors
- start their own guild missions
- level a scribe
- claim camps/towers/keeps/SMC in WvW (all auras on maximum)
- listen to music
- go fishing
- enjoy the peace of the place
- use it as an easy access to PoF

Currently at ~ 100 members. You can join if you want, stay as long as you feel comfortable. The only true rule is to leave the other members alone. The concept of the guild is that people mind their own business. No activity, no WE. Guildchat has no purpose, guild-message is a link-sheet with the most useful waypoints.

About half of the members are NA, rest are EU. If you are interested, I need a functional character or account name. I've tried it with the forum-name, but it does not seem to work :S. You can also send me an ingame mail HnRkLnXqZ.1870.

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