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Make Stowing Ambush Not Put It on Full Cooldown.


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6 hours ago, Beddo.1907 said:

Or just change it's trigger, so it's not on a button that manages few other mechanics.

I think triggering on weapon swap would be a decent idea, it makes it work better in pve (i.e. the current power untamed likes axe ambushes, but not hammer ones. Making it activate on weapon swap would help ensure you can keep your axe ambushes up without wasting them on hammer), as well as pvp where you'll likely want specific ambushes (i.e. some people like sword ambush since it's a mobility skill).

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or they could just make ambushes unleashed skills, like hammer, one leashed version and when unleashed  your weapon set 2 skill changes to the ambush permanently, with a decent cooldown, taking into acount that this skills have boon rip/corrupt, plus the unleashed dmg buff and a bigger aoe on most cases you can make them hit a bit less on single target and it would still be worth, the actual ambushes are too clunky and bothersome to manage

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Taking them off auto-attack is a start. 

Yet another keybind is probably in order here--could even be the same keybind as leash/unleash, but while ambush is up it uses that instead of changing state.  Still has the potential to be confusing, but at least won't randomly burn ambushes because auto-attack is on.

Then, ambushes should be per weapon and not a global CD; if they have to tie the reset to weapon swap so be it.  

That is, should be able to do them back to back--guessing reason can't at the moment is raiders running identical sets for weapon swap effects would also get double ambushes.  Guess if they tied the ambush CD to per weapon type could prevent that?

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