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[EU] ~Really Not Adequate [RNA]~ PvE, WvW and general shenanigans!


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[RNA] Is a new(ish) guild looking for anyone interested in low-stakes, high stupidity nonsense. We started about a month ago, and we've build a small, insane and lovely community of new, returning and veteran players.

We do a little bit of everything, to a mediocre standard. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and find the fun in being a downstate enjoyer and failing hilariously. We aren't aiming for anything hardcore or overly serious, this is a game after all and it's meant to be fun not anxiety inducing.

So far we have started guild strikes, do regular frac runs for dailies and gearing the nublets, run silly competitions ingame and on discord, and overall just mess about while hitting things kinda hard.

We have a small, and ineffective, WvW squad on Gunnars Hold. Mostly because some people are easily distracted by shiny cats and follow the wrong people.

Interested in our brand of crazy? get in touch with Damnii.1036 or Midnyte Ravens.1758

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