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Vanilla player hoping for a 'Final' Return of Living World


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Hi there Gw2 community!
Do we have a nickname for one another? Not sure yet...

Anyhow, I've come back from a longtime hiatus from back in Vanilla/Core. I got to 80 and pushed a little further to some piece of exotic but I got distracted by life and other games.
I had been looking around for something new to play and my friend had picked this back up, so I thought I'd join. Oh man, what a delightful return. This game is exactly what I was looking for. It's chill, respects your time and money, most of all it is so alt friendly, it's laughable. Never seen anything like this in any mmo. Thank you, Anet. BUT...

Now I've hit 80 again, I've been looking to purchase further expansions but not sure if I should buy the Living World stuff. Mainly because I noticed that some people say it's not crucial to your experience as a whole, but I'm a bit of a lore fanatic so it may be worth story alone, but I digress. I've heard some maps and mechanics are locked behind some of these episodes and I'm genuinely curious about the value - considering there is the fact that, if I bothered to keep up and log in at those times, I'd have got them for free - then there was the Return of Living World 2 years back.

Basically, I'm asking the community as a whole, is it worth buying the Living World seasons? What mechanics do I miss out on? Can I just buy the expansions and maybe watch a YouTube run on all the story? Complete Collection, is it worthwhile? What do!?

TLDR; 13yr returning player wondering if we'll see a Return Of Living World event and wondering about best value/QoL in Living World and Gw2 as a whole.

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Just missed a discount on Living World Seasons.  Might wait a bit for another discount.  There's a lot of content in the expansions, and Masteries for Gliding and Mounts and Fishing, Jade Bots, etc. 

You might peruse the Wiki (link above) to learn what each Expansion offers, what each Living World Episode offers, and then make a more informed decision.

Welcome return and good luck. 

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Season 2 is o.k. but nothing to write home about. Season 3 adds new maps (from that point onwards every season of the living world adds maps) and has a good story. Season 4 has an excellent story and lets you unlock the skyskale and the beetle. The Icebrood saga has a nice story, let you unlock ascended gear via blue prophet shards/achievements and it has one of the best farmable location in the game.

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The seasons are a massive and crucial part of the game so yes. Not sure why anyone would say it’s not.
15 additional maps, new masteries, collections, armour, weapons, mounts. A YouTube video might cover the story beats, bu5 it’s one continuous story 

Buy them. You are bypassing half the game otherwise

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If you play with your friend, you can both play the story of LW2 if just 1 of you bought the chapters (but only the one who bought it can complete the achievements. You can buy 3 chapters each for example, to get 6 core masteries each).

LW3 had a better story (for me) and useful maps to farm ascended trinkets, but nowadays there are other ways (you may buy only Bitterfrost, that has also the ascended aquatic item).

LW4 is one of the best story-wise and it's required for 2 mounts: the beetle and the skyscale (both very useful).

Icebrood saga is ok I guess. As Rhinala said, it has good farming maps, but I wouldn't put it on my priority list.

You can buy some episode here and there for now, unless you want to experience the story chronologically.

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It is worth buying. If you are not in a hurry - you can wait for a sale. Depends on your playstyle. Personally I wanted to play everything in release order. So ... just getting an expansion and playing it and then later playing an earlier living world season ... was not an option for me. But since I progressed slowly through the story also trying to play multiple chars and doing most achievements ... I had enough time and I think I split my purchases into 2 where I bought the stuff at different sales.

First S2 and the HoT/PoF back then. Then playing S2 and HoT which took me some time. Trying to complete remaining achievements + playing another char w hile waiting for the next sale where I got S3 and S4. For last parts of S4 and Icebrood I got them for free cause I played during that time.

S4 is considered most valuable - caues of the skyscale. You need it to get that mount (which offers a lot of convenience). S3 ... nice maps and you can farm map currency for ascended trinkets and backpacks there.

S2 mainly for the story. The S2 maps are free (Silverwastes and Dry Top). Personally I found the story from S2 the best though. Did not regret it. This is highly a matter of taste though. I Enjoyed the slow build up ... that started in S1 ... continued slowly in S2 and then led into HoT. Later stories felt more rushed/compressed to me. I did not like S4 that much.

Edit: Also check here - for example: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Living_World_Season_2_Complete_Pack

Gem store history at the bottom. It seems it was on sale 2 times this year already. (Other season packes also have this info in the wiki. But usually the seasons all go on sale together.) They changed a bit they they want to do sales though. (Less 1-day sales during special stuff like the march sales or anniversary sale.) And I don't think with inflation and stuff ... they will give more than 20 percent off. Might be worth to wait a bit for the august sale since it is not that long anymore until that one happens. Maybe a 3rd time on sale this year - with 20 percent off ... will happen.

Or get the first season you'd like to get (so you have stuff to play) and hope for the other ones to go on sale again.

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