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Join the Aces! Recruiting Indonesian Player [EU/ID]

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Greetings, fellow Indogs/Indonesian of Tyria! Are you yearning for a guild that feels like a true +62 netizens where bonds are forged through talking "pandai-pandai lah" and clearing raids with barely anyone alive? Look no further! Aces warmly inviting you to all indogs seeking an immersive and personalized (non toxic, of course!) Guild Wars 2 experience. About Us:

Aces is not just a guild; we are a close-knit community of passionate players who support and uplift one another both in-game and beyond. (This is mostly true, i guess)

Our guild values camaraderie, respect, and inclusivity, ensuring that every member feels valued and welcomed.

We celebrate diversity and foster an environment where players of all backgrounds and skill levels can thrive together.

We believe in the power of friendship and actively encourage collaboration (just telling people to git gud basically), teamwork (yelling anjing and goblok in voice channel), and fun (like talking kitten to your guildies as long as they're not offended) in every aspect of our guild.

We are mostly a PvE guild with Raid/Strikes/Fractals training and experienced run. Guild mission is a thing too, sometimes

Join Us: Joining Aces is easy! Here's how:

Visit our not-so-toxic discord channel (https://discord.gg/TVX58paxTk). Go to #guild-wars channel and ask around to get invited. You'll receive a guild application format for you to fill later on.

Complete our short application form, sharing a bit about yourself, your playstyle, and what you hope to contribute to our guild.

Once your application is reviewed, our officers will invite you.

Join us, and together we'll create a laughable memories that will last a lifetime. Become "Bukan Elitis" and embark on an unforgettable journey through the diverse stupidity and being told to get smart 100x a day.

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