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Crafting recipe API w/ingredients?


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First off, my apologies if this has been asked already - I've not found an effective way to filter these posts in search.

Returning after roughly 9 years, I see that gw2spidy is no longer a resource.

I'm hoping I can continue to have the same level of visibility on pricing data, supply, demand (all of which I can still get), but also crafting cost of recipes and item IDs of their ingredients.

I have a workbook that used gw2spidy to get me all that and more (discipline IDs and other categories like bags, mini pets, dyes, etc.).

So far I've not found any other sites that offer the same resolution in their APIs. I've tried gw2tp, gw2bltc and even just the plain GW2 (v2) API itself.

This may be due to my inexperience with APIs, but I've not found that any of their (functioning) endpoints offer the fidelity that spidy did.


Is this data available to extract via API on these sites and I'm just not seeing it, or are there other sites I should look into?

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