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Is the WvW map having problem or is it move to some other server for the Beta?

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Right now I am having huge problem loading into WvW map. Everytime I try either i get stuck at the loading screen or the game just crash. I can run in PvE. ... 

I use a port checker after reading this article https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015788327 
and the results say port 80 is closed?? I don't understand.

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Port 80 is the normal port used by HTTP and is quite common. If you recently changed anything in your network hardware/software or providers you might want to check on that front. Any changes to firewalls or Malware software might also be something to check into.

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Since Port 80 is for the HTTP Protocol (443 usually for https; 6112 is the "data port" for ANet servers), you should not get any web browser access, when it is completely blocked (which is probably not the case, because you can post here on the forum). It looks like something is blocking Port 80 for the gw2.exe (like Grimm said), so you need to check what software or hardware could be the problem (firewall, VPN, antivir, router etc.).

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