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World Bosses and Getting Credit

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I'm having a weird problem, and I can't tell why it's happening.

Inquest Golem II in Maelstrom. I send a character there to do it, and more often than not, GW2Efficiency shows I haven't done it. It checks off all the other things I've done, but not Golem. And it's not consistent.

I'm pretty sure I'm getting the chest at the end, bouncy box in the right corner, just like the other places. I didn't die, so it's not a case of manually looting. I know sometimes if you stand around logged out with a character near a world boss and that's all you do, that sometimes it won't count because you aren't doing enough different things (which, is really something they need to let go of, but I digress), but I have a few other characters that are in a similar situation at Shatt and SB that don't get bit by that? My Golem II character warps out to Thousand Island Dressing Pavilion (thanks WP!) every day after, and uses the world boss portal to warp in when it's up. I try to knock about a few tigers and lizards and inquest before it starts, just in case.

Is there some idiosyncrasy with the Golem II boss not registering properly in the API, or an over zealous "you need to do more things than just Golem II" bot? Wanted to ask about here first before reporting a bug, or possibly asking GW2Efficiency about it. Is there a place 'outside' of GW2E where I can check completed dailies, to see if it's in the API that way and not GW2E's problem?


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Thank you!

So based on that second test, it would seem it's not GW2E, but most likely Golem II is super finicky with it's "do more things than just this every day" test? I did golem, but it's not in the API.


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I did a test where I put my key directly in the API to see what came up, and it showed everything I expected, accept for Golem.

I guess I'll assume it's an overly aggressive diminishing returns issue at golem, and hope they fix it. Just means I have to send someone else that does other things, or take two characters that sit near bosses and switch them up every day, or something. I have sitters at Shatt and SB and they don't seem to have the issues that my Golem II character does. She warps in and out to do it, the other two log out nearby, which I would think would be worse.

Guess I'll try some more things.

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