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Only one core spec to play the entire story?


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22 hours ago, jaif.3518 said:

If you had to pick one core spec to play the whole story...expansions + living world ... what would it be?

Core burn guardian.  Lots of aoe burning.  Easy to max 100% burn duration with several rune sets.

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Mesmer would imo be the easiest its great mobility and self-sufficiency. It's the only core-class that can maintain self-quickness for a long time and can reasonably well stack might and maintain fury. It has great CC and a great variety of situational skills and survival options if required, such as stealth, portal, stability etc.

You also have one of the best selections of core weapons, allowing for both melee and ranged, power and condi builds to see success. And as someone else already mentioned, the aquatic weapons are kind of not terrible unlike about all other aquatic weapons.

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Thief Profession;  the only Profession with Perma-Stealth designed to avoid counterplay and to exploit the game design and its environment.

Perma-Stealth-PvE, PvP, WvW (11 Years+)

"Exploits are issues that involve the use of a gameplay feature, bug, or hack in a way that provides an unfair advantage over other players, or which otherwise hurts the game, community, or the economy. Exploits can have serious repercussions on the game, which is why you should never use (or encourage others to use) an exploit—a stipulation of the Guild Wars 2 Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct."

https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/230679407-Reporting-Bugs-Exploits#:~:text=Exploits can have serious repercussions on the game%2C,it immediately by sending an email to support%40arena.net.

(build included)

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