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Lag on WvW or over populated maps

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Hello, in the last 2 days I start to experienced Lag in EBG map trying to play wvw, when I'm near of a big zerg and un-mount my skills of mount remains for several seconds, my skills attack just blinking and also I'm not able even stump dead people.

It happened again today killing Ley-Line, I was on the map gathering and killing mobs without any issue meanwhile the Ley-Line arrives, when I was on the fight place and got the overpopulated map I start to have the same issue, blinking skills and few hits on Ley-Line.

I already reset my modem twice, monitored my network performance when I was watching anime, also with a movie, and everything it's good, any problem with download/upload speed... just noticed it it's when I have a lot of players around me on game.

My laptop it's not old, so I dont think that would be the problem. 

Someone else has the same issue lately? please tell me I'm alone on this 🥲

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