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this is my characters background story.

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my name is Kraven the Undying

Backstory: Kraven the Undying, a male Charr of formidable presence, was born within the fearsome Blood Legion in the heart of the Black Citadel. From an early age, he exhibited an uncanny fascination with the mysteries of death and the delicate balance between life and the afterlife. This morbid curiosity set him apart from his fellow legionnaires and drew him to the forbidden arts of necromancy.

Kraven's innate affinity for the necromantic arts became evident as he grew older. He delved deep into the forbidden tomes and ancient rituals, seeking knowledge and power that most Charr shunned. Through his studies, he discovered the ability to command the restless spirits of the departed and manipulate the forces of life and death.

Embracing his newfound abilities, Kraven honed his skills and pushed the boundaries of what was known about necromancy. While his clan initially rejected him for his chosen path, they eventually recognized the potential he possessed and allowed him to train under the watchful eye of a seasoned necromancer.

As the charr race faced the growing threat of the Elder Dragons, Kraven witnessed the devastating impact of their power on both charr and other races. The destructive cycle of life and death became increasingly apparent, solidifying Kraven's conviction that mastering necromantic arts was crucial for the survival of his people.

Driven by a sense of duty, Kraven embarked on a solitary quest, traveling to dark corners of Tyria in search of ancient knowledge and forgotten tombs. He sought to uncover the secrets of immortality and gain a deeper understanding of the true nature of life and death.

During his journey, Kraven encountered the vile influence of Zhaitan, the Elder Dragon of Death, and witnessed the horrors it unleashed upon the world. This encounter only deepened his resolve to master necromancy and wield its power against the forces of corruption.

Now known as Kraven the Undying, he has returned to the Black Citadel, his mind teeming with the wisdom and power he has gleaned over the years. He seeks to convince his fellow charr that embracing the dark arts of necromancy is not a sign of weakness but a necessary means to ensure their survival.

With an aura of commanding presence and an arsenal of necromantic abilities, Kraven the Undying stands as a beacon of defiance against the encroaching darkness. He seeks to unite the charr under the banner of death, harnessing the forbidden arts to protect his kin and reshape the fate of Tyria itself.

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