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(Humor) Warrior Power Zerker Hammer Strike


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Warrior power zerker hammer strike.

Glaring at each other, we shall fight.

I press a hammer strike key;

You walk away to brew a pot of coffee.

I've arched back with my hammer high behind my head;

You've returned with a cup of coffee while reading the "Dear Abbey" column in the newspaper instead.

My hammer reaches the apex of the arc;

You step aside, take another sip of coffee, and continue reading the comics section, what a farce.

My hammer strikes the earth, leaving me in an epic pose;

You take another sip of coffee, calmly fold your newspaper and swat me on the nose.

I die instantly;

You have victory.

Warrior power zerker hammer strike.




So... I'm chucking my hammer into the bottom of my inventory and will start looking at Warrior melee weapons that work faster (axe, mace, sword). I have the Berserker Elite Skill but not enough Hero Points yet to complete Spellbreaker (daggers) and none for Gunsaber (pistols).

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