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New patch note update?

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  • New Asura Ability:
    While in party Asura's will be able to grab hold of a Charr party member tails and swing using a new ability "Flipper Kick" to do 10,000 damage to mobs and or boss.

I can has for my Asura, pweeze ?!

❤️ 😛


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1 hour ago, Astralporing.1957 said:

That's not how it works. It's the ability for Charr and Norn, and it's to kick asuras around. And it's called "Asura ball".

Oddly enough, you CAN play asura ball.  In the guild arena the asura enters as an invulnerable fighter while the players choose teams.  Using knockback skills players push the asura(ball) an try to get him/her through goalposts a guild member establishes ahead of time.  A bit of excitement can be added if a few traps are sprinkles around.  Charr actually work well as their racial skill Charrzooka gives an extra knockback in addition to weapon and utility skills with the added advantage the spare rockets damage the opposing team - has a long cool down though.

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4 hours ago, Crawford.4135 said:

well, I just want to swing on them, tails are so cute and begging to to have my Asura hands grab hold and swing! I mean, they're just there, wagging around, waiting for a fun time!

I will allow your Asura to swing off my Charr tail, you can be my accessory.

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