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Resistance, WvW Engineer, and General Feedback


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Toning down the supportive powerhouse of Core Engineer, and to an extent with Scrapper and its offensive group capabilities is a solid direction when it came to its place in WvW. The additional change to Kinetic Accelerators also brings a single tear to me knowing that combo play makes a return, and newer scrapper players now have to juggle combos like its early HoT to get their Quickness fix in PvE. Nothing really new is added and Engineer in a WvW context is still either a Celestial warcrime, A mechanist tourist from PvE, or your local healer who really enjoys medkit as it gets styled on by the local Vindicator

Additions to certain areas on Core Engineer (and Scrapper to an extent) would push is supportive power, but not in its current laundry machine cleanse bot.

Quickness and Alacrity is like a drug to players, and playing without it is the worse feeling in the game. Now you toss in Slowness, Chill, Cripple, and all these nasty trash conditions and you get the true gaming anti-gaming experience. Having Resistance, even in its nerfed state is still a mandatory Boon to have; Doesn't matter if you got Quickness if that Slowness overrides it. Adding Resistance Share to already existing Engineer tools would offer an alternative to the current lacking line-up of Resistance application classes.

  • Utility Goggles 
    • This Effect is now shared up to 5 other allies

This pushes the skill to a similar effect as Tactics Banner but on a instant cast and without the Stability. Giving it a unique-boon pulsing effect would also help counteract Boon Ripping, similar to skills like Balance Stance. Adding Stability would be a valid option, considering skills like Mantra of Concentration outclassing any other Stability button in the game. 

  • Utility Goggles 
    • Breaks Stun for yourself, and cleanse 2 Conditions for up to 5 other allies
    • Now grants an a Effect that pulsates Resistance up to 5 other allies, Protection with Gadgeteer (Or apply Protection on cast to prevent ACP abuse)
    • (Optional) This skill grants 3 Stacks of Stability for 5s on Cast, or pulse along with resistance 

Its Toolbelt counter-part could also use a tune-up, with Detection Pulse being a rather useless skill outside a anti-stealth situation. 

  • Detection Pulse
    • This Effect now Dazes and Damages up to 5 targets 

Lesser Utility Goggles would apply the same effect and would definitely be one of the most strongest application of Resistance when paired with its normal utility skill, but would also limit the engineer in terms of Specialization slots in a supportive context. Alchemy and Inventions already hold top candle for any supportive engineer player, and adding another avenue to support but to sacrifice those key elements would open up interesting builds for Engineers.

  • Lesser Utility Goggles 
    • This Effect is now shared up to 5 other allies 
    • (Optional) Change so that each toolbelt skill Grants the Utility Goggles (Effect), allowing for sparse, or stacked application.

Kinetic Accelerators could use a similar Treatment, its current WvW / PvP  application of Fury and Might are more of a suggestion of a support trait and more as a excuse to glass someone with a grenade barrage. Having Resistance to the boon application would help the Brawler aspect by mitigating Weakness and Impact Savant barrier, but also add supportive utility as stated above.

  • Kinetic Accelerators 
    • Add Resistance along with other applied Boons for all game modes
    • (Optional) Grant Swiftness on Blast, and Superspeed on Leap to further their utility




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Something/any of these would be stellar. Scrapper has been nerfed pretty hard over a series of small cuts with another coming on 27th (additional superspeed nerf action with speed of synergy). 

Superspeed + quickness at least allowed for some hits w/hammer. As of right now it's getting pretty easy to kite and hold mid range. We have rocket boots but that's not really a precision tool like say a shadow step, a little bit buggy,  ~900 range, and can still get hit/stunned during it. 

The quickness nerfs look to be mostly across the board, guessing they'd like to get rid of a lot of it in wvw so...guess scrapper isn't alone there.

But being slow to swing and move, with (1) gap closer on 18sec cd hurts a bit lol. We have rifle but...oof auto's hit for the dmg of a condition weapon w/o the condition application and leaves no options when there's projectile block (always thought toolkit auto would be a stellar option if they revisited the cast time & dmg to make it like an actual melee weapon and would be fair given it eats a utility slot).

More stability, resistance, or protection action would definitely help with the "bruiser" feel vs just bruised.

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On 6/10/2023 at 6:53 AM, Cuilan.7091 said:

Toning down the supportive powerhouse of Core Engineer, and to an extent with Scrapper and its offensive group capabilities is a solid direction when it came to its place in WvW.

The supportive powerhouse core engie, haha. To an extent scrapper lol. In WvW. Guess every decent engineer balance thread just have to start with a good joke.

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