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necro defenses in competitive (pvp/wvw)


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necros limited defenses are based on
• shroud
• weakness & blind application
• corrupts (might->weakness, stab->fear)
• protection (very limited to begin with..)
• spectralwalk & flesh worm combo

over the last patches they were continuously nerfed over and over again

• nerfs to weakness durations in february 2020
• nerfs to number of corrupts in february 2020 (axe, scepter, dagger, shroud traits)
• nerf to Spectral Walk cooldown (50s!) in february 2020
• nerf to flesh worm cooldown in february 2022
• Corrupters Fervor nerf in july 2022 (pvp only)

since 2020 necro defenses are so bad, so that in pvp (almost) every competitive build has to use worm & walk combo to port away as soon as an enemy gets into its face. this because necro simply cannot fight in close combat if not babysitted by a support. flesh worm is by far the worst teleportskill in the game btw.

the next patch will remove the boon corrupts of axe, dagger offhand and "entering-shrout-traits", with no compensation again.

give necro the tools to defend itself! the possibilities are endless, here just some ideas:
• stability (spectral armor!)
• vigor
• mobility on melee weapons (dagger, GS)
• actually useful melee weapons.. (evades, blocks, damage not locked behind long cast times)
• mobility skills (Spectral Walk cooldown, rework Flesh Worm)
• protection on melee weapon traits

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Good suggestions, which at least should be tested for a while. However, we've been barking up that tree since the game launched. I simply don't believe anybody from the balance team is actually reading this subforum, nor are they actually interested in "balance". They just push some numbers twice a year and call it a day.

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