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Grand Marshal.4098

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Is not barrier, nor boon removal from 1 person. How does that make it better than  Warhorn or Axe for dps and sustain. A single boonrip is literally non-factor. 

What we need is:

Wastrel's Ruin should become a 3-target skill and cleave for it's current maximum damage. Have it also remove 2 boons per foe, for total of 6 and add a damage increase for any boon removed at 25%.

Bladestorm should have swiftness removed in favor of Resolution for 5 seconds and have it's cast time reduced by 25% with the same number of strikes. Increase it's damage output by 30% at LEAST.

Maybe NOW it can be a worthwhile weapon to use, making you requiring a MH to run it.

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Dealing substantially more damage and hitting more enemies is all that Daggers (both hands) really need. Literally every other extra on top is just needless fluff.

It's not hard to get Warrior right, yet it hardly ever happens.

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