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My personal feedback for that inc Balance Patch


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Crack Shot: this traitline is still pretty weird and not rly needed.... made the fire for Longbow AA chain baseline would be the better way

Longbowskills reduced: Yea i mean you do it though all classes so i gues its fine. Will just obv buff Longbow a bit while not use that mostly useless crackshot line ^^

Flurry you are able to move while using it, it also got dmg buffs: Just basicly a copy paste of my idea! Thanks for doing it. now this skill will feel less clunky and more rewarding ^^

Berserker Stance CD Reduce: Well finaly usefull ^^ how ever why its PvP only again?!

Balance Stance CD Reduce (PvP) : Would have been needed since it got reduced in WvW! How ever i realy doubt it will be enough to make it rly variable in high gameplay

Soldier's Comfort: well done here! this will make Support Warr a lot better!

Matrial Cadance: Also well done! Sad its just in the same tier as Vigorous Shouts.

Physical Skills CD Reduced ( besides Mending Might): Again you done this though all classes so its fine i gues. However Mending might not been on a 16 secs CD per Strength line sadly nerfs it here!

Signets CD Reduced: You done this (again number 2) though all classes. Just nice to have ^^

Shouts CD Reduced: (Again the third) Done to all classes and nice to have ^^

Double Standarts gain now resolution instead of Quickness: Yea Banners are basicly useless again in every gamemode (besides PvP somehow). A rework though Banners and this traitline would be more than welcome ... by this i mean a real Rework! Make supp warr variable in PvE like Rework!




Flaming Flurry reduced cast time plus reduced but longer duration on burn stacks and more power dps: Hmm this will to the same as before but it will have a lesser cast time ... overall it might be not too bad but yea idk why you done this at all ^^ 

(Feedback Said its a direct buff ..... i gues its decent then )


Arc Divider now 1 hit only while lesser Cast time and less DMG: Many Peops talked with each other about this changes. In my case this is a decent change. The old version felt super clunky to use. Also  high cast time was not rly good in PvP since it could get easily cc it.


Bloody Reactions now gain 10% (20% while in Berserk) Precision-to-Ferocity and Power-to-Condition Damage Buff: Rly nice buff though this traitline! Also im happy this will buff mace shield berserker (PvP) like alot.


Bloody Roar will now gain a 20% instead of a 25% Buff: Sad seen this be reduce but i gues it was cause of the buff though Bloody Reaction just in case of holding new Quickness DPS Berserker in line.


Heat the Soul gain Quickness to nearby allies each time you Strike an enemy with a Burst skill: This traits name and icon are a bit confusing now xD. How ever I like might be able (depends on how long Quickness will last) to play a quickness dps role without using Banners (again pls rework them for real!)




Winds of Disenchantment lowered duration to 4 seconds (WvW): And again a nerf though boon remove....... Its not like there are tons of boons around in WvW allready. This nerf does not make sence in my eyes


Break Enchantments increased number of boons removed in PvE to 4 but decreased number of boons removed in WvW to 1: There are some enemys with slightly boons in PvE but over all this change is lol. For WvW just see above!


Wastrel's Ruin now removes 1 Boon on Strike: Yea idk this doesn't make any sence to me but i gues ill take it?!


Bladestorm now grant Barrier when Strike: Rly nice change. This buffs every single Build i know that uses Dagger offhand. However it might be a bit too good in comb with sun and moon style




Daring Dragon: Also yay a way to gain Alac to your team! Some peops tell why you not get it to Spellbraker but i gues get and leave spellbraker as a DPS/Boonremove Spec was the reason for it. Also the new thing to Runes are still gain buffs while to flanking the enemy will make this rly enjoyable to play ^^ thx to that one!



Thats just my own feedback also tell me how you see it and why is something good or bad if you want (even while telling it to me allready it would be nice to see it in here too) Cya around guys! 🙂



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6 hours ago, Jzaku.9765 said:

Small note, but with their stated durations on Flaming Flurry in the patch notes it does close to twice as much condi damage than before:
8 * 2s burning = 16s |VS| 6 * 5s burning = 30s

Flurry REALLY needed a buff in many ways, and its finally getting what it needs. I don't think people appreciate this enough.

For condizerk, sword was always the weak link and its been getting consistent buffs patch after patch, which makes me very happy.

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