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Manefest Sand Shade + Alacrity


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I'm baffled as to why the shade duration isn't ONLY REDUCED ON THE ALAC TRAIT.  

It would make sense in gmaster tier alongside Sand Savant which modifies Manifest Sand Shade in other ways(increased size, target cap, and recharge time, but max of one shade).

It would also mirror the philosophy behind the Transfusion+Scourge nerf.  They could have just made it 1% across the board, but they reduced the scope to cover the combination they were worried about.

I just wanted to remind everyone (and the Skills balance team) of the simple(obvious?) solution to balancing Alac Scourge.

That is all

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I was about to make this post myself. It seems so obvious. If there's some technical issue that makes splitting shade duration difficult, then you can just put alacrity on Sand Savant with reduced target cap like Drarnor suggests. The more I think about it actually, the more I believe attaching alacrity to Sand Savant is the way to go. The big shade just feels way more natural for a support build where you want to reliably keep shades over your allies, and with the lower target cap it'll be more straightforward to primarily boon up your own subgroup. 

Realistically, there's a lot of ways they could go with it, but nerfing dps scourge just comes across as a weird oversight. They made no indication that they wanted to nerf dps scourge, and this wouldn't be the way to do it either. 

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